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Frequently Asked Questions - Internal Medicine Residency

Does your program offer positions outside the Match?
No. Positions are only offered through the National Resident Matching Program.

Should one of the three required letters of recommendation be submitted by the Chairman of Medicine?
A Chairman's letter is not required, but is acceptable. We prefer that your recommendations be submitted by faculty members of your school who are well acquainted with you and your medical education experiences, and who can provide knowledgeable references for you. If you are an international medical graduate, it is preferred that one letter of recommendation be from a faculty member of an American Teaching Facility.

Does your program impose a limit on the graduate year of applicants?
It is strongly preferred that applicants have graduated from medical school within the past 5 years.

Does your program require U.S. clinical experience?
U.S. clinical experience is required. We prefer a minimum of 2 months of U.S. clinical experience
Must I wait until all documents are available before submitting my application to your program through ERAS?
Applications often arrive from ERAS incomplete, but the Committee waits until applications are complete before reviewing them. DO NOT EXPECT an immediate response after submitting you application. It may not be reviewed until a later date, or it may be reviewed and held for a second consideration should we have additional interview dates become available due to cancellations by scheduled applicants.

Does your program accept Comlex scores?
We do accept Comlex scores as part of your application for our Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency Program.

What type of visa do you sponsor?
MCMC predominantly sponsors J-1 visas but will also sponsor H1B visas on a limited basis. 

How can I find out more about the J-1 visa waiver process?
To learn about the J-1 waiver process and the areas of eligibility for each state please visit and

Are residents permitted to complete an outside elective?
Yes, categorical residents are permitted to complete one outside elective.