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Scholarship Projects 

Nationally Recognized Team Projects

Each trainee participates in an on-site research project in addition to activities conducted during program rotations and conferences.

Teams consisting of 7 to 10 residents or interns, a faculty advisor and a biostatistician design complete a yearlong research project that focuses on evaluating and improving care within our hospitals. Monthly meetings are scheduled for each team, and periodic progress reports are submitted to the associate program director and to members of the teaching faculty. At the end of academic year, each team gives a formal presentation to the medical staff and all trainees.

Peer-reviewed Collaboration

Throughout the year, residents and interns are encouraged to collaborate with the teaching faculty in writing and submitting articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Residents are also encouraged to submit research findings - either from their annual research project or from independent research - for presentation at local and regional scientific meetings.

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