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Financial Assistance and Charity Care

As a part of our healing ministry and commitment to persons who are poor, Mercy is committed to providing quality healthcare services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Mercy offers payment assistance for those who do not have insurance, do not quality for Charity Care, or for whom financial cost of care creates a significant burden.

Uninsured Patient Discounts
For patients who do not have insurance, Mercy will provide a discount from the hospital’s regular billed charges or a discount based on a formula for payment that Mercy would receive from managed care payers such as insurance companies.The discount is also available to patients whose financial situation normally would not otherwise qualify them for charity-care discounts.

Patients without insurance whose financial situation qualifies them for charity care discounts (see Eligibility Guidelines below) must first find out if they are eligible for Medicaid before applying for financial assistance. If a person is denied Medicaid eligibility then he or she must provide certain information to show financial need. The amount of the discount will be calculated based on the person’s financial eligibility.
Applications for charity care discounts will be reviewed for eligibility based on the applicant’s income, family size, amount of payment due and availability of other assets or resources.

Eligibility Guidelines for Charity Care Discounts
The Federal Poverty Guidelines for income are the basis for determining eligibility for charity care discounts. For example, individuals with incomes below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will be eligible for free care. Individuals with incomes greater than 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may be eligible for care at discounted rates depending on their income level and/or the amount due to the hospital.

If you have concerns about your ability to pay for your care or questions about financial assistance or charity care discounts, please call 610.567.5566.