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Interactive Safety Tools

Samantha's Bike Safety

Here is a fun, interactive bike tool with pop-ups that share safety suggestions. Follow Safety Samantha on her bike as she gives important tips for staying safe while riding your bike.

Fall Risk Safety

Try our Fall Risk Tool. Learn important facts about preventing falls in hospital rooms. Also check out a section how older adults can protect their independence and reduce their risk and prevent falls in and around their home.

Farm Safety at Safety Acres

According to the National Safety Council's 2008 edition of Injury Facts, agriculture ranks as our nation's most dangerous industry with 28.7 deaths per 100,000 adult workers. Unfortunately, children also fall victims to farm accidents. Safety Acres is a fun way to raise awareness for adults and children alike, and a great way to start educating kids.

Fire Safety

With these suggestions, people cut down their risk of a fire starting in their home. The interactive Fire Safety House also provides helpful suggestions on what to do if you are caught in a house fire.

Garage Safety

Check out possible dangers found in the garage that pose a threat to children, with the Interactive Garage.

General Household Safety

Check out possible hazards to children found in the home and ways adults can correct them at the General Safety House.

Halloween Safety

Pick a safe costume and learn Halloween Safety tips as you walk through the neighborhood trick-or-treating!

Poison Safety

Check out suggestions at the interactive Poison Prevention House to make your home safer for children and decrease the chance of accidental poisonings.

Sam's Safety Travels

Follow Sam on his Safety Travels! Sam's Safety Travel is an interactive map that includes various stops in Sam's busy day: the walk to school, bus, bike and car safety, the playground, and more! It is important to discuss safety with your children, and Sam's Safety Travels is a fun and informational way to start!

Sam's Summer Safety Walk

Summer is full of fun, but keep the fun safe every chance you can get. Walk with Sam from his house to the fireworks. Sam gets some safety suggestions along the way.

Sports Eye Safety

The Facial Protection and Sports Eye Safety matching game is a fun way to learn about preventing sports related eye injuries by selecting a sport and matching it with the proper eye or face protection. There are also bits of interesting information throughout.

Suffocation Prevention

Learn about Suffocation Prevention by checking out safety tips for parents. Our homes have many possible suffocation points and this interactive tool shows you problem areas and how to avoid them.

Sun Safety

As much as everyone loves the sun, the fact is it can be dangerous if you don't take precautions to protect your skin. Try this fun, interactive Sun Safety tool and search for tips to learn how to protect yourself from the sun and learn about the risk factors for skin cancer.

Toy Safety

Check out possible hazards found in toys in your home and safety suggestions to help keep your children safe with the interactive Toy Safety House.

Water Safety

The interactive Water Safety House shows possible water hazards in your home that can pose a threat to small children.

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