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Patient Testimonials


Debi Cook

“Not only had my vision improved, I no longer have sleep apnea or take insulin, cholesterol, blood pressure medications or diuretics. And the best part about losing weight is I am no longer a diabetic!”


Clara Hunter

“I feel better and have more energy. Since I’ve lost the weight, I feel like a new person and I very rarely get sick.”


Sharon Mills

“My goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle now that I’ve lost the weight.”


Kim Huxley

“Because of my slow metabolism, it was a struggle for me to lose weight. All my siblings were thin. I was the only one who was different.”


Rose Bacher

“Before I chose to undergo Gastric Band surgery, I found it hard to walk up and down steps. Now, I can get up the steps easily, and can manage my emphysema without the help of medications.”


Angelica DeJesus

“I get to wear the clothes and shoes that I love, which I wasn’t able to do when I was overweight. My health has improved totally; I’m no longer diabetic and I don’t have high blood pressure.”


Ellen Dine

“The one word I can use to describe my experience is ‘amazing’. I feel like a million bucks! I wish I could have done this years ago.”

Rev Rick

Rev. Rick Faison

“And because of Mercy Bariatrics and its stellar fitness and support program, I am fit enough to pursue my dream of attending NASA Space Academy and apply for an Astronaut- Mission Specialist position.”


Katrina Turtu

“Today I have no death sentence. I stand here living the life I always wanted, always dreamed of, and always knew I was capable of living.”


Cherece Vaughan

“There are really no words that can explain how happy I am and how I am doing things that I would have never done before! I have been on a cruise since my weight loss and taken a trip to Vegas.”


Joel Watson

“Life has become more exuberating for me since I had my surgery. I can shop off the rack and get a pair of pants and a shirt. This July, I hope to run the same four miles I walked with my church last year.”


Warren Wright

“I already have more energy and can stand for long periods of time. I no longer have to rely on my cart when shopping and can walk up the steps without feeling out of breath.”


Lisa Yancy

“Tired, sluggish, and just pushing to get things done. That was me before my Lap-Band surgery at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital.”


Doug Yancy

“My life has made a 180 degree change since getting the surgery. Not only am I no longer insulin dependent and do not have sleep apnea, but I am exercising more and am more active with my children.”

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