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Hernia Surgery

Hernias are very common. For some, it can cause sudden pain when you cough or move. For others, it develops over time and may not cause any pain at all. But for the nearly five million Americans who suffer from one each year, a hernia can lead to other health problems if left untreated.

Physicians at Mercy Health System’s four hospitals offer surgery and treatment to help individual suffering from hernias.

Mercy Hernia Care

A specialized Mercy Hernia Care program is available at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital and is solely dedicated to the treatment of all types of hernias. From screenings and diagnosis to treatment and recovery, the healthcare team at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital tailors its services to treat patients’ unique types of hernias. The team is led by board-certified surgeons, who offer a broad array of techniques, including the latest tension-free and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The goal of the Mercy Hernia Care program is rapid recovery, getting patients back to doing what they love most – without the pain of dealing with a hernia.