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Breast Cancer Patient Testimonials

Our patients are the best advocates of the compassionate, loving care they and their familes get at Mercy Cancer Care. Read a few of our survivor stories below:

Sonara Stepteau is a breast cancer survivor.

Sonara Stepteau

When Sonara Stepteau discovered she had breast cancer more than four years ago, her world turned upside down. The first in her family to receive such a diagnosis, the now 49-year-old retail sales associate felt overwhelmed by the prospect of numerous medical appointments, unfamiliar medical terminology and her concerns about what would happen next. Read more

Cas Pearce is a breast cancer survivor

Cas Pearce

Cas Pearce’s annual mammogram revealed a cancerous tumor. Despite the bad news, she knew that expert treatment was available and was confident that all would turn out well. “I wasn’t even upset when they said it was cancer,” admits Cas. “I knew my doctors at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital would take care of me, and they certainly did.” Read more

Elizabeth Paolucci detected breast cancer early.

Elizabeth Paolucci

Between getting married and moving to a new area, Elizabeth Paolucci did not have a mammogram for a few years. When she finally did, the 55-year-old woman expected a routine outcome.
“When they called to tell me they found something, it was a complete surprise,” Elizabeth says. “There is no history of breast cancer in our family.” Read more

 Agreesive Breast Cancer Treatment Saved Angela Beckels' Life.

Angela Beckels

Traveling to Philadelphia from her home in Barbados, Angela Beckels stayed with her mother. During her visit, she told her mother about discomfort in one of her breasts that seemed to come and go. Her mother insisted she have it checked out. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital took an aggressive approach to treating her breast cancer which saved her life.  Read more

 A Yearly Mammogram Saved Jean Vinson's Life.

Jean Vinson

For breast cancer treatment, this patient says "Mercy Philadelphia was the place I needed to be."
The card arrived at Jean Vinson’s house as it does every year, reminding her it was time to schedule her annual mammogram at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital. And like every year, Jean promptly picked up the phone and made her appointment.

But this year the results of her mammogram showed something suspicious. A yearly mammogram saved her life.  Read more


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