Vendor Compliance Program

Mercy Health System (MHS) is committed to establishing and observing high standards of ethical conduct in business and operational practices. Consistent with our core values of Reverence for Each Person and Integrity, MHS has established a Corporate Compliance Program. MHS Policy #96-101-10 establishes the Corporate Compliance Program and outlines the roles and responsibilities of its employees in supporting an environment in which colleagues and affiliated professionals comply with all relevant federal and state laws and regulations and report any concerns about business practices.

All companies or individuals doing business with Mercy Health System are required to comply with Mercy Health System’s Compliance Program and to conduct business in accordance with all federal, state and other laws and regulations. MHS is prohibited from contracting with sanctioned companies or individuals.

As recipients of federal health care program funds, including Medicare and Medicaid, Mercy Health System is required by law to provide employees, agents, business partners and contractors information regarding the federal and state False Claims Acts, which are intended to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in the federal health care programs.

To learn more about Mercy’s Compliance Program, the Federal False Claims Act and Pennsylvania laws, please access the information provided on this website.