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Internal Medicine Residency Curriculum

Internal medicine residents at Mercy Catholic Medical Center

Mercy Catholic Medical Center offers two options in internal medicine, a preliminary program (one-year internship) and categorical (three-year residency). Our academic year is broken down up in 13 four-week blocks. Most resident rotations are four weeks long, although some are only two weeks. Each rotation is supervised by a member of the faculty.

Preliminary Internal Medicine Program

The preliminary internal medicine residency is designed for physicians who desire to have one year of internal medicine training prior to matriculating in an advanced residency position in Neurology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, or a surgical subspecialty.

During the course of the academic year our preliminary interns care for patients with a wide spectrum of disease in the ICU and floor at both an urban and suburban hospital. This allows them to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a caring subspecialist. Our preliminary interns are fully integrated into the residency program. They follow the same schedule as our categorical residents with the exception that they are not required to have an ambulatory continuity clinic.

The Preliminary Internal Medicine Intern schedule is:

Categorical Internal Medicine Residency

In our categorical internal medicine residency, we train physicians who are interested in becoming a hospitalist, general internist, or a medical subspecialist.

Our three-year program includes dedicated time in inpatient floors, ICU, and ambulatory clinic, caring for urban and suburban patients with a wide spectrum of disease. From day one of internship, we focus on the emerging role of the physician as a leader of interdisciplinary team of clinicians. Time on “classical” internal medicine services and complemented by dedicated rotations in observation medicine, systems-based practice, urgent care, and electives.

PGY1 (Intern) schedule
PGY2 schedule
PGY3 schedule

Overnight Call

Internal medicine residents operate in a “shift” system, with residents on dedicated “night float” rotations caring for patients overnight. Our longest intern shift is 15 hours, with most shifts 10–11 hours and no overnight call. Interns will have 2-4 weekend ICU shifts during their elective, systems-based practice, or observation care rotation. Although most resident shifts are also 10–15 hours, there is one 27 hour shift during each floor block. In addition, residents have approximately 2-3 overnight calls per academic year during their ambulatory block.
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