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MyHealth@Mercy Patient Portal FAQs

1. What is MyHealth@Mercy?

It is an internet-based Patient Portal which simplifies communication with your provider. Whether you want to schedule an appointment or request your latest test results, this system delivers the information through a secure, convenient, easy-to-use tool. On your next visit to your physician please ask to be signed up for MyHealth@Mercy.

2. What do I need to get started?
You will need a valid email address. You will also need to get an enrollment token from your provider’s office. An enrollment token is an eight digit number that allows you to set up your registration for each practice you see. Your token expires 30 days after you receive it.

3. Can I access MyHealth@Mercy with my mobile phone or tablet computer (iPad, iPhone, Android…)?
MyHealth@Mercy is best viewed from a desk/laptop computer. The use of mobile phones and tablets are not recommended. We hope to have a mobile version of MyHealth@Mercy in the future.

4. What if I lose my token, it expires or I need help logging in the first time?
Contact your physician's office and they will assist you.

5. What if I have forgotten my MyHealth@Mercy username and/or password?
On the login page, click on the link “Don’t remember your user name or password?”

6. What happens if I type the wrong username or password?
After three attempts, your account will be locked. After 30 minutes your account will automatically unlock. If your account does not unlock, please go to your provider’s office. The hotline cannot unlock your account.

7. I have registered but I am not receiving notifications, what should I do?
Check your SPAM or junk mail folder. To ensure you are receiving MyHealth@Mercy emails please add to your contact list, address list, safe sender list, or “Do Not Block” list. Review our Safe Senders Page for more information.

8. If I need to reschedule an existing appointment can I change it though the patient portal?
You can schedule a follow up visit or a non-urgent sick visit. You can also cancel any type of appointment however cancellations require a 24 hour notice or you may be billed.

9. If I have children or I am the caregiver of an elderly patient, can I access all my dependents with account?
If you have the legal right to access your dependents records, your dependent’s provider’s office can give you full or partial access to your dependent’s records through the portal.

10. How long will it take for someone to respond to me? Can I have an instant dialogue or live chat with my doctor?
With MyHealth@Mercy you can send your doctor a message and they will respond to your message within 3 business day(s).

11. Can caregivers be logged in to the same account at the same time?
MyHealth@Mercy accounts should be accessed by one person at time.

12. If I sign up for the MyHealth@Mercy Patient Portal will I get spammed by Mercy Health System with email marketing materials?
When you register, your email is stored only in the secure MyHealth@Mercy Patient Portal system and not accessible by the marketing department at Mercy Health System. Your provider may send you messages on events, classes or other resources that they think can be helpful for your health. 

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