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Published on February 07, 2014

Neurosurgery at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital

Dr. Judy on “Top Docs” list for eight years.

Kevin JudySpinal surgery. Herniated discs. If you or a loved one find yourself with a neurologic condition of the brain or spine, Mercy Philadelphia Hospital is where you can feel safe and find healing.

“Patients who come to Mercy for treatment can be assured of the best surgical outcome,” says Kevin Judy, MD, director of the Mercy Neurosurgery program.

Mercy’s neurosurgery program is affiliated with Jefferson Neurosciences. As part of that collaboration, Jefferson neurosurgeons provide around the- clock coverage at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital.

The highly trained neurosurgeons at Mercy Philadelphia can treat head and spine trauma, such as concussions from sports injuries or car accidents. For back pain that’s non-responsive to medication or physical therapy, they can perform a laminectomy, which is removal of the vertebrae that covers the spine, and discectomies, or the removal of discs.

Brain tumors, depending on the location of the tumor, are treated with either biopsy or craniotomy, which is the surgical removal and replacement of part of the skull to access the brain, explains Dr. Judy.

Dr. Judy, consistently named one of Philadelphia Magazine’s “Top Docs” for the past eight years, offers health tips to prevent life-altering neurologic conditions, which often lead to stroke or death. He strongly recommends patients control blood pressure. Patients can prevent aneurysms by managing diabetes, lowering their blood pressure and quitting smoking.

“We can make a big difference in people’s lives with the things we do at Mercy Philadelphia,” he says.

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