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Mitral Regurgitation Prevalence Increases with Age

Mitral regurgitation prevalence rates are shown on this graph.

Only 1 in 40 patients with moderate or severe mitral regurgitation are surgically treated.

AHA/ACC guidelines for timing of surgery in patients with severe mitral regurgitation:

Symptomatic patients 

  • Asymptomatic patients with early LV dysfunction (EF 50-60% or LVESD ≥ 40 mm)
  • Pulmonary Hypertension (>50 mm), even if asymptomatic
  • New onset atrial fibrillation, even if asymptomatic

Special considerations/exceptions:

  • Asymptomatic normal left ventricular function patient in whom repair may not be feasible
  • Symptomatic severe left ventricular dysfunction (EF < 30%) patient with secondary MR
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