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Transitional Care Unit

Nazareth Hospital offers a Transitional Care Unit for patients who do not qualify or cannot tolerate the intense rehabilitation services offered in our Acute Rehabilitation Program. This 28-bed unit allows patients to receive medically supervised therapy by highly trained physical, occupational and speech therapists in a comfortable, friendly setting. This unit is designed to provide medical, nursing and therapy services to patients with the express purpose of “transitioning” them back to their prior living arrangements when possible.

In some cases, after hospitalization, a patient’s medical condition may not warrant daily visits from their doctor or frequent interventions from the nursing staff. But the patient may need additional therapy to improve their functional skills to allow for them to return home safely. The primary purpose of this unit is to bridge the gap between hospitalization and return to home. The Transitional Care Unit teaches patients and/or their caregivers the skills needed to help maximize safety and function before returning home.

The typical stay on Nazareth’s Transitional Care Unit lasts less than two weeks depending on the patient’s progress and discharge destination. The Transitional Care Unit is located on the 6th floor of Nazareth Hospital, so “residents” have access to a full array of testing and emergency services if needed. Each patient, on average, can expect to receive one to two hours of therapy time daily. The unit takes an interdisciplinary approach to care for each patient. Each patient has an individually designed care plan with input from a physician, nursing staff, case management and therapists.

To learn more about the Transitional Care Unit, call 215.335.6368.

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